Little Steps (2 years old):

A “Mommy & Me” class designed to introduce our tiniest dancers to the concepts of tap and ballet. Basic pre-tap and pre-ballet skills will be introduced. (Maximum eight students per class.) Guided by our Rising Stars Program.

Pre-Dance (3-5 years old):

This class is designed to continue the concept of tap and ballet where the basic techniques will be taught. In this class students can build discipline and confidence. Guided by our Rising Stars Program.


Classical type of dance characterized by the grace of movement. It is considered the foundation of all other forms of dance. Its meticulous attention to technical detail makes it invaluable for any serious dancer. Students who take ballet are guaranteed great technique, posture, and discipline … read more


Style of dance that requires flexibility and ballet foundation. It is characterized by syncopated rhythms, ensemble playing, and varying degrees of improvisation. This is a fun class for students in which they can improve dance techniques by dancing to all kinds of music … read more


Tap is considered a series of synchronized and controlled rhythmical movements of the feet. This fun class allows students to develop feet coordination and rhythm … read more


Hip Hop is a mix of today’s high energy street dancing. It is designed to teach coordination, strength, and endurance. This is a fun class that allows students to get involved with today’s new music … read more


Pointe is an advanced type of ballet that is performed on the tips of the toes. In this class, students can continue to improve their ballet techniques by performing on their toes using Pointe shoes … read more

Belly Dance:

A Middle Eastern dance in which the dancer makes sensuous movements of the hips and abdomen. This is a great class in which students can learn a new style of dancing … read more


A dance style of the Andalusia Gypsies characterized by forceful, often improvised rhythms. Flamenco is known by the grace movement of the hands as well as the controlled rhythmical movements of the feet. This fun class allows students to develop coordination and rhythm in a different style of dance … read more

Latin Dance:

A style of dance that consists of different latin dances such as salsa, merengue, and ballroom. In this class, students will develop rhythm and different techniques of the latin culture … read more

Dress Code:

Dance Elite has a mandatory dress code for every class. Dance wear is available for purchase at the studio. Make sure you have all dance attire so you can come to the first class ready to dance.




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My Bella started dancing a week before turning 2 years old and she hasn't stopped since. Thank you Dance Elite and especially Ms. Gaby for your warm, loving approach to inspire little girls to love to dance!

Cristy Cabrera

Our daughter loves the professional and family type atmosphere that Dance Elite offers.


Dance Elite rocks


Dance Elite has made me a much stronger and passionate dancer. Me and my team are extremely close, and we consider eachother as sisters. I look forward to seeing my friends and teachers, everyday and highly reccomend Dance Elite for anyone who would like to dance.


Our daughter has grown so much in character, personality and her dancing has improved dramatically - we owe it all to Dance Elite.

The Garcias

Absolutely love Dance Elite!


We have tried several dance studios, by far, this studio has intergrated all that we would like to instill in our daughters lives. They have taught her discipline, the importance of team work, and she has improved year after year in her dance technique. I can never be happier with all the teachers, directors and people involved in her dancing life. The family type atmosphere allows us to become part of a family as well. Thank you Dance Elite.

The Chainy Family

Dance Elite is the best studio my daughter has been to. She refers to it as her second home, and just absolutely loves being part of the Dance Elite family!!